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Oct 18, 2017 - OPINION: With the latest revelations coming from Hollywood about the deviant culture that exists and the aggressive and blatant behaviors of some of the top executives in the entertainment business, I would like to add that unfortunately it exists in the music business too. It's not limited to a particular industry, but the entertainment industry is fertile for this behavior because in a large part, the entertainment industry promotes and exploits deviant lifestyles which include sexuality. My concern with the daily stories coming from men and women who have "past" incidents is that it seems a convenient way to draw attention to yourself as a victim when it was not important enough to address in the timeframe of its original occurrence. Sadly, some in the business are so desperate for fame and success, they willingly accept the selling out of their morals and what they will do to get a break. They willfully accept it as a price for fame. While it isn't easy to compromise your convictions, many people do. I don't blame victims for being manipulated, but when there is no immediate pushback from them, it does ring insincere to cry wolf so many years later. I'm thankful it's being brought to light, but I seriously challenge a person's motive so long afterward. Having said that, as it regards the music business, I've heard first hand testimony from a few "CHRISTIAN" artists who have been confronted with deviant manipulation in order to get their break. These come from Christian executives. It is not limited to those outside the Christian faith. I think the larger issue is to challenge anyone trying to get a break in the business to examine their convictions and moral values each step along the way. If the voice inside your head is screaming NO... it's probably because it's not God's best for you. To any artist trying to break out... hold the line of your convictions and recognize that you can make a huge impact on the life of someone if you stand firm. Even if that someone is the one challenging you to cross that line.
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Oct 17, 2017 - Sierra White too fun...
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Oct 13, 2017 - Such a great interview with our new artist Davii and the always great NewReleaseToday
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Oct 6, 2017 - Our artist Sierra White released her new cover of David Guetta's song "2U". Great work, Sierra.
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Oct 3, 2017 - Proud to share another amazing video preview from our artist Abigail Duhon.
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Sep 27, 2017 - After nearly five years of working closely with Brian Vickers, we are pleased to announce that he has joined our roster. Brian is a former member of Team Impact and 14 time World Power Lifting Champion. He is an amazing mentor and former policeman in Texas. He will be featured on many Day 6 events and tours in 2018 as a primary speaker with already having spoken to more than 2,000,000 people and 1500 schools a year during his 4 year involvement with Team Impact. Watch a few of his Youtube videos to see his incredible strength.
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